Controlling the Narrative

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Making marketing more transparent, one campaign at a time

When we say "transparent",
we mean it

After over 12 years in the game, we got tired of the cheesy lines, gimmicks, and double-dealing.


We’d had enough of watching agencies pitching their clients the same repetitive solutions that just didn’t work.

We broke out of the hamster cage and decided to take a different approach. A better one.

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We’re proof  that you can change your narrative and successfully pivot from one approach to another. Ke studied photography, now she’s a strategy whizz. Sim studied linguistics, now she’s creating stories instead of regurgitating them.

We’ve been working in the fields of marketing and content writing for 13 years, both together and apart. Frankly, we’ve seen some sh1t. We’ve watched countless businesses burn while a  marketing agency lit the match. Ethically, we just couldn’t take it anymore. So, we decided to put our combined 26 years of experience to good use.

It’s taken us a good while to learn some powerful lessons. We want to pass our learnings on to our clients. Content marketing isn’t a quick sprint. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s a journey of constant experimentation, thinking outside of the box, and taking the occasional risk to get that biscuit.



Ke Poyurs

Co-Founder & Chief Strategist
Black-Belt in Buzzword Killing


Simoné Streck

Co-Founder &  Chief Wordsmith
Jargon Slayer Extraordinaire

Ke is a thirty-something creative with a bent for the experimental and a penchant for off-the-wall ideas. She specializes in digital marketing strategy and copywriting.

Having started off as a copywriter for Groupon, before rising through the ranks to be named Head of Special Projects, she has a knack for strategic thinking and a bizarre love of spreadsheets and reports. Her paid search campaigns have been described by a Google representative as “pretty flawless” (not to brag), and she really prides herself on her astronomical click-through rates.

Ke has worked with major brands to help them achieve some truly spectacular results:

💵 $2 million in sales from one Facebook ad
📉 CTRs of 25% and over
💥 Qualified leads at just over $1

Simoné is a knowledgeable ghostwriter and editor who has worked with marketing agencies, writing firms, and authors around the globe.


Her most recent position as Head of Content for a UK-based writing platform has honed her leadership skills and boosted her ability to perform well in high-pressure situations. Her degrees in Literature and Linguistics, as well as her background in teaching English, enable her to view the written word in a unique way.


Fuelled by folk metal and cheese, you’ll find her tinkering away at some creative pursuit whenever she disengages from her keyboard.

Working collaboratively with high profile clients with extremely specific needs, Sim has helped them to:

🏆 Achieve first place SERP rankings
📈 Triple their website traffic
📖 Achieve 5-star book ratings on Amazon & Goodreads


In a nutshell

Our Goal:

To empower our clients to stand by their

brand instead of mimicking the competition.

Our Vision:

To change the world one brand

message at a time.

Our Obsession:

Crafting clever content and snappy

strategies that you can count on.



...and not just as a marketing ploy.

We’ve worked with enough people who preach gender equality, while practicing the exact opposite. We’ve read enough articles from bosses who claim to “value their female employees”, and watched as they’ve paid those women consistently less than their male counterparts. 


And honestly, we’re tired of it. We’re tired of having our ideas ignored, only to see them implemented when a man gives the same advice. 


We’re tired of the inequality, of people hiding behind a facade of activism when it suits their image. 


You may be sensing a theme. 


So, we hope to champion the drive to close the gender pay gap in the marketing and content writing industry - which is still disproportionately high.


Here's a woeful statistic:
Qualified, experienced women in our industry earn about 28% less than their male counterparts. 


Without mincing our words, that’s bullsh1t.

But it’s not just about us. It’s about all the women in the marketing industry - in every industry. Things need to change, and we’re going to change them. We want to give women a voice, an opportunity, and help them get the respect that they deserve.


Every business is different. No two businesses have the same precise needs. Even if they’re in the same industry or if they sell a similar product, they won’t be in the same place on their journey.

We take the time to talk to each client, to find out exactly where they’re heading and what they want to achieve. We work with you to map out your marketing goals.

Some businesses need to start small; they need to get the ball rolling. Other businesses are juggling several balls and need help keeping their eyes on the prize.

We’re here to support you, no matter which stage of the business voyage you’re on.